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3 Ways to Kickstart the Scholarship Application Process

Posted By Jamie Grant On February 11, 2016


It’s finally time: you’re thrilled to leave high school behind and dive into the exciting world of college life. In the midst of convincing your parents to let you keep the car and picking out new bedding for your dorm room, don’t forget to do your homework regarding your scholarship options.

Here are three ways to kick-start the scholarship application process.

Talk to your college

Educating yourself of the scholarship opportunities your college offers is one of the first steps in mastering the scholarship application process.

Be in touch with your college’s Offices of Admissions and Financial Aid to find out about college-specific scholarships. The admissions and financial aid staff are there to answer your questions and concerns regarding scholarship opportunities.

Similarly, reach out to the faculty in your particular field. They should be aware of the scholarships you are eligible to apply for and might be more aware of scholarship opportunities available and attainable for you.

Scour the Internet

The Internet exists as one of your biggest resources for the scholarship search. Websites like Scholarships.com and FastWeb.com are good sources of information on the kinds of scholarships available.

Search for scholarships regarding your nationality, your hobbies, your extracurricular activities, your academic record, and your field of study.

You should apply to any scholarship that is relevant to your situation; no matter how small the amount of aid, every bit helps.

Get local

Privately-owned and local organizations frequently offer scholarships as a way of marketing their own businesses. Many religious institutions, civic groups, local businesses, and political organizations offer scholarships but don’t largely promote them.

Keeping an eye out for opportunities in your community can provide an avenue that leads to the right scholarship for you.

While the transition into college has its challenges, understanding and employing the help of a scholarship makes one aspect of the process easier. Start by communicating with your college, explore the Internet for additional options, and search your community for local scholarships.

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