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4 Reasons HFC Works Can Help You Find a Job Post-Grad

Posted By Matthew Goff On April 27, 2017

4 reasons slc works can help you find a job post grad

In today’s job market, finding work after college isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be a major source of stress for college seniors. Between finishing up major projects, studying for final exams and planning for graduation, job hunting can seem like a herculean task.

Fortunately, at Holy Family College, we make the transition from school to the professional world much easier with our Work College model, HFC Works. In Fall 2016, HFC became the first Catholic college in the nation to adopt the Work College model (for an explanation on the difference between work-study and a Work College, check out this blog post). All of our residential students are required to do weekly work on or off campus in exchange for a tuition credit per academic year. This is applied toward each student’s educational costs, thus reducing student debt.

Debt reduction alone makes HFC Works worth it for many students, but we think that you’ll be even more convinced when you consider how working during your undergraduate years will help you with your post-grad job search.


Note: Are you interested in learning more about the work college program and  how it can help to boost your job possibilities post-graduation? Check out  Silver Lake College’s free resource Guide to Work College Model and SLC Works. 


With HFC Works, you will:

1. Receive invaluable practical work experience.

While we pride ourselves on offering a rigorous liberal arts curriculum at HFC, we also recognize that today’s job market demands that you be have practical, hands-on experience, preferably before entering the “real world” post-college.

The statistics are in your favor if you participate in a Work College program: 68 percent of work college graduates were better prepared to enter the workforce after graduation, due to the experiences and skills they gained while in college. Not only that, but having practical work experience (as well as experience managing your finances, paying taxes, etc.) will give you the confidence to apply for jobs that require more experience than the typical entry-level position.

2. Have more opportunities for personal growth.

Most college students pursue personal growth in some form as an undergrad. Imagine how that is compounded when, in addition to studying great works of literature and complicated math theorems, you’re also learning about personal responsibility, finances, teamwork and customer relations (just to name a few skills).

The satisfaction of earning a paycheck, learning to get along with that difficult coworker, or reaching a personal goal at your job gives you a sense of accomplishment no less valuable than that of earning an A on a term paper.

3. Improve your resume.

Many college students graduate with rather thin resumes due to lack of professional work experience. As a freshman and sophomore at HFC, you’ll be given an on-campus position that will help you build your communication and critical thinking skills. Juniors and seniors, on the other hand, have the opportunity to move up to supervisory positions on and off campus, including internships in your field of study so that you can prepare more specifically for the type of job you hope for in the future.  

4. Develop a strong work ethic.

A strong work ethic is a must when it comes to looking for and maintaining a good position after college. By going through the HFC Works program, you will not only be challenged to work harder and smarter, but you will have several employers who can write recommendation letters for you attesting to your work ethic, which gives you a leg up on the competition when it comes time to apply.

These are just a few reasons how HFC Works can help you to find a job post-grad, and we encourage you to visit our website to find out more!

Are you interested in learning more about Holy Family College and how HFC Works can help to boost your future career?


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