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5 Benefits to Getting a BSN Online

Posted By Brianna Neuser On March 12, 2020


In this modern era, the need for flexible and online degree programs continues to increase, and the value of offering such programs is becoming understood by more and more institutions today. For nurses specifically, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in an online format is becoming a popular option for registered nurses (RN) who want to earn their undergraduate degree while continuing to work part or full time.

Let’s talk about the importance of a BSN degree when it comes to opening doors in your nursing career and examine how Holy Family College’s online RN to BSN program supports, nurtures and enables nurses to earn a BSN without disrupting their lives.

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Getting a BSN is an important step for a nurse’s career advancement:

Getting a BSN has become an important part of developing a successful nursing career. While the RN is still sufficient in order to land some nursing positions, more and more employers are looking for the additional education and tools that are acquired in a BSN program. It’s possible that earning a BSN will be mandated for all nurses in the future. In fact, back in a 2010 report published by the Institute of Medicine, the IOM made a strong recommendation that 80 percent of the nursing workforce have a BSN, as opposed to ADN, by 2020.

Pro Tip: For more information on the value of a BSN, check out 4 reasons you should pursue a BSN to launch your nursing career!

Because many RNs are now seeking to secure their BSN degree with career advancement, job security and higher pay in mind, many BSN programs, such as the one offered by Holy Family College, are now offered 100 percent online. So, let’s discuss five benefits to pursuing your BSN online.

Pro Tip: Download Holy Family College's RN to BSN Guide today!

1. Flexibility of schedule with an online BSN:

Because the courses in HFC’s RN to BSN Completion Program are all online and are self-paced, you can access them on your own schedule and yet still experience a positive and supportive community while doing so. This is a valuable option for anyone who is committed to completing their BSN while working part or full time in the nursing field, especially considering that nurses often experience alternating shift work. 

Hear from Kayla, a nurse who participated in HFC’s RN to BSN online program:



“I like the fact that my classes are online because I can work, manage home life and complete assignments at times that fit in my schedule. The program supports me because I can complete online assignments after or before work and on my days off if needed.”’
—Kayla Kiefer, BSN Graduate


In short, getting a BSN shouldn’t be something that causes you stress and anxiety, rather, it should fit with the nursing career and life you already have.

2. Avoid relocating with an online BSN program:

Another compelling reason to pursue the online RN to BSN program at HFC? It’s important to be able to start another degree without having to uproot your family or switch jobs. While some programs require you to change your work schedule or to pause your career all together, an online BSN degree allows for you to continue working and to fit the program into your existing professional responsibilities.

3. Connect with BSN students and faculty all over the nation:

By enrolling in HFC’s RN to BSN online program, you can literally connect with students and teachers from all over the nation, benefiting from their professional experience — all within the context of an online degree program. Having the ability to gain knowledge and study under teachers who are located elsewhere is a great advantage to nurses looking to expand their knowledge. 

Note: HFC’s main campus is in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, but students can be anywhere to participate in the RN to BSN online degree.

4. Take advantage of HFC’s Strategic Partnerships:

Even as an online BSN student, at Holy Family College, you can benefit from our Strategic Partnerships Program that provides discounted tuition rates. Because of this Strategic Partnerships Program, we are able to offer important degree completion opportunities to our partners’ employees and their families which, in turn, improves the lives of families and the health of our partner employers. 

Education is a common human good, and we are proud to offer our RN to BSN program at a special discounted rate for those who participate through the Strategic Partnerships Program.

5. Understanding HFC’s Early Entry RN to BSN option:

The Early Entry RN to BSN option is designed for students currently enrolled in an associate degree in a nursing program at an Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) accredited technical college who would like to begin working on their BSN while studying to obtain their RN license. This is a great option for aspiring nurses who want to expedite earning their BSN while completing their RN education.

Learn more about the online RN to BSN program at HFC:

Now is the time to complete a BSN degree and open up a variety of opportunities for yourself and your career. Whether your goal is to earn a larger salary, become eligible for positions of leadership or simply to complete a BSN program so you can be the best possible version of yourself for your patients, Holy Family College’s faculty and staff are here to support you. 

We encourage you to request more information or start your online application!


Are you interested in learning more about Holy Family College's RN to BSN online nursing program? Download HFC's RN to BSN Guide today!

Download RN to BSN Guide

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