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5 careers for graduates of HFC’s Teacher Leadership Program

Posted By Mark Swanson On April 16, 2020


Are you a teacher living your passion as an educator, but longing to do more — to make more of an impact?

Do you want to continue working directly with students, but also want to explore opportunities in leadership roles?

If you have asked yourself these questions at all during your career, you may want to consider advancing your career with a master's degree in education such as the Master of Arts in Education Teacher Leadership Program at Holy Family College.

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The Teacher Leadership Program at Holy Family College is geared toward individuals who are experienced, licensed teachers looking to broaden the scope of their skills and want to position themselves for leadership roles. The program is designed with a practical application style that students can implement in real time in their classrooms. In other words, students won’t have to wait to practice what they learn, the program is designed to enrich their teaching experience throughout their degree program.

The value-centered approach of Holy Family College creates esteemed leaders in our community. With this foundation, the learning outcomes of the Teacher Leadership Program gives students an awareness of the nature of teaching, an understanding of the political, social and economic contexts of education, an understanding of the process of institutional change and how leadership influences that process and specific leadership skills that students can use to bring about change in their institutions.  

Students can expect courses such as EDU 505 Teaching as a Career, EDU 510 Research-based best Practice and EDU 536 Leadership II. The unique values approach Holy Family College uses combines research-tested, practical application with the truths of Franciscan Catholic tradition to create leaders with mutual respect and concern for each person.

Roles available to graduates of this master’s degree in education:

Graduates of the Teacher Leadership Program at Holy Family College gain the qualifications to expand their career possibilities to leadership roles in education.

Some of the roles available to graduates of this unique and respected master's degree in education are:

1. Instructional Coach

An instructional coach is trained to educate teachers on evidence-based practices intended to help students improve academic performance. The instructional coach educates and mentors teachers on how to use and implement the evidence-based practices to effectively engage students to improve academic outcomes.

Average Salary: $64,450

2. Staff Development Leader

A staff development leader focuses on promoting and fostering the best professional development for teaching staff and administrators in the school. The staff development leader achieves this end through serving as a liaison between the Office of Curriculum and Instruction, and the teaching staff to implement best practices that guide professional growth among school employees.

Average Salary: $111,340

3. Curriculum Specialist

A curriculum specialist creates the guidelines for teaching materials and helps create content in the curriculum. Curriculum specialists use the latest teaching and research techniques to help shape the educational programs in their schools.

Average Salary: $75,286

4. Dean of Students or Faculty

The dean of students manages student affairs, while the dean of faculty advocates for the faculty in the school’s daily administration. Both roles provide oversight, guidance and leadership to maintain a suitable, enriching environment for the populations they serve.

Average Salary: $94,340

5. Reading Teacher

Note: This career path is possible only if the reading licensure is completed as part of the program.

Reading teachers are used by school districts to create lesson plans that are accessible to all learning styles and are within state educational standards. The role of reading teachers serves to improve the overall literacy of every grade level through reading, writing and speaking.

Average Salary: $57,980

Holy Family College’s Strategic Partnerships Program

Holy Family College partners with many public and private schools to help develop value-centered professionals in the Wisconsin community. Any employee of one of Holy Family College's Strategic Partnerships Program is eligible for special benefits such as tuition discounts (including your first class free, up to three credits), one-on-one personalized support and access to resources.

Additionally, spouses of employees are also eligible for these benefits! Find out here if your employer participates in our program.

Start fulfilling your dream today; earn a master's degree in education at Holy Family College.

If the desire for career growth or any of the jobs listed above piqued your interest in advancing your career, reach out to the admissions office at Holy Family College to learn more about this Teacher Leadership Program. Our value-centered approach works to not only create successful professionals but also to nurture spiritual growth that creates better people.

We encourage you to request more information or apply online today!

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