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8 accelerated degrees to complete your bachelor's at Holy Family College

Posted By Jamie Grant On April 13, 2017

8 accelerated degrees to complete-your bachelors at silver lake college

You’ve been told a million times about the value of a college degree. It can open doors to new careers, make you eligible for management-level positions and tap into your potential for increased lifetime earnings. ... We’re not here to dispute the value of a college education, but rather to point out that not all of us have the luxury of taking on a full-time course load to obtain that degree.

You’ve probably already realized this. You’re likely looking for a fresh and innovative take on higher education — for an option that will allow you to expedite your degree, but allow you the flexibility to maintain a career and your other commitments. This is why Holy Family College offers a variety of accelerated degree programs, specifically designed to help working students achieve academic and professional success.

If you are a working professional looking to complete your bachelor's degree in an accelerated format, check out the following accelerated degree programs offered at HFC.

1. Start Crunching Numbers in Holy Family College’s Accelerated Format in Accounting.

Accountants play a key role in every business. Pick an industry out of a hat, and you’ll find that not only is the accounting profession relied upon heavily, but accountants also are in high demand.

Holy Family College’s accounting courses are taught by faculty with real-world industry experience. Our graduates leave Holy Family College equipped to pass their certification exams and prepared to begin promising careers in the accounting profession.

HFC's Accelerated Accounting offers courses in:

  • Financial Accounting: This course provides an understanding of the financial statements that are the product of any accounting system.
  • Managerial Accounting: This course introduces basic concepts for determining, setting and analyzing costs.
  • Auditing: This course provides an understanding of the principles of auditing, including ethical responsibilities, legal liabilities and auditing methodology.

2. Join a Burgeoning Field with Holy Family College’s Accelerated Format in Allied Health Leadership.

When you think of health care, the first professions that probably come to mind are doctors, surgeons and nurses. However, there are many other roles needed to keep the health care system functioning, and many fall under the umbrella of allied health. Allied health professionals include dental hygienists, dieticians, occupational therapists and medical technologists, to name a few.

There are five million allied health care providers in the United States, accounting for approximately 60 percent of all providers in more than 80 different professions – and the field is growing rapidly!

At Holy Family College, our Allied Health Leadership Program prepares students for careers in allied health professions and to function as leaders in their discipline. Graduates leave with a strong foundation in liberal arts studies, health care trends, ethical and legal issues, and disease prevention.

HFC’s Accelerated Allied Health Leadership offers courses in:

  • Leadership for Health Care Professionals: Examines the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for successful leadership in the health care system.
  • Health Promotion & Disease Management: Studies the impact of disease through its alteration of normal body processes.
  • Management and Organizational Behavior: Topics in this course include individual differences, conflict, stress and career management.

3. Learn to Take Charge in the Business World with Holy Family College’s Accelerated Format in Business Management.

So you want to understand business management.

Holy Family College’s Business Management program provides students with an understanding of the theories and practices needed for successful business management – and can be applied to a range of organizations, whether in sales, finance, marketing or your own small business.

Our graduates develop the decision-making and leadership skills needed to oversee both long-term success and day-to-day operations.

HFC’s Accelerated Format in Business Management offers courses in:

  • Managerial Accounting: Emphasizes how accounting reports are used by managers, investors, and other business stakeholders.
  • Principles of Finance: This course focuses on the role and functions of the financial manager in a business.
  • Strategic Management: Focuses on decision-making at top management levels in formulating strategy and implementation.

4. Investigate the People-Side of Business with Holy Family College’s Accelerated Format in Human Resource Management.

If you consider yourself a “people person,” human resources may be the perfect field for you. Regardless of the industry, human resource professionals are always in the thick of it: finding talent, solving workplace disputes and managing employee benefits.

Holy Family College’s Human Resource Management degree prepares students for a career in the field, taught by a faculty with working experience in human resource departments. Our curriculum was designed in coordination with the Society for Human Resource Management’s curriculum guides.

HFC’s Accelerated Format in Human Resource Management offers courses in:

  • Business Law: Focuses on the historical, social, governmental and ethical developments in the principles of law relating to business.
  • Labor Management Relations: This course focuses on the development and methods of organized groups in industry and their impact on management practices.
  • Job Analysis and Performance Appraisal: Examines the interrelated aspects of job design, job analysis, job evaluation and performance appraisal.

5. Retool Yourself for the 21st Century with Holy Family College’s Accelerated Degree Format in Information Science and Technology.

We’re living in the Information Age. Professionals with a grasp of computer programming and IT systems are incredibly valuable in the workplace – not to mention highly sought after.

Holy Family College’s information science and technology program prepares students with the fundamentals of computer science AND the working knowledge needed to jump into a promising tech career or setting the stage for further study.

HFC’s Accelerated Format in Information Science and Technology offers courses in:

  • Fundamentals of Computing: An exploration of app creation, careers in tech and programming fundamentals.
  • Web Programming: This course teaches web development in a client-server or multi-tier environment using advanced features of markup languages, JavaScript and other scripting languages.
  • Operating Systems: An introduction to the key principles of centralized and distributed operating systems.

6. If You’re Passionate About Health, Check Out Holy Family College’s Accelerated Format in Nursing.

Nursing is a fulfilling and enriching profession. At Holy Family College, students are taught by a faculty of health care professionals and have access to state-of-the-art facilities.

Students with a B.S. in nursing from Holy Family College graduate with all the requirements to meet the standards of the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) and from there, are qualified to begin a wide-ranging career in health care.

HFC’s Accelerated Nursing offers courses in:

  • Foundations of Nursing Practice: This course combines concepts of nursing practice with assessment, foundational nursing skills, and knowledge necessary to provide safe, competent patient-centered care.
  • Nursing Research for Evidence-Based Pharmacology: This course addresses scientific methodology of the research process and its application to nursing practice.
  • Pharmacology: An introduction to pharmacologic nursing practice from a conceptual approach.

7. Study the Enigmas of Human Behavior with Holy Family College’s Accelerated Format in Psychology.

What is going on inside our heads? Are you interested in that question? Did we just answer a question with another question? Yes.

Holy Family College's Psychology program guides students through an exploration of human psychology as both a science and an art. Our graduates leave the program with the tools they need to begin rewarding careers in social work, counseling, mental health services and more.

HFC’s Accelerated Psychology program offers courses in:

  • Theories of Personality: This course defines ''what makes a good theory'' and surveys major theories of personality: psychoanalytic, behavioristic, social learning, humanistic, trait and cognitive.
  • Social Psychology: An examination of the scientific study of interpersonal behavior.
  • Life Span Development: This course focuses on understanding the sequence, timing and influences of human development from conception to death.

8. Contribute to the New Evangelization with Holy Family College’s Accelerated Format in Theology and Ministry.

Graduates of Holy Family College's Theology and Ministry program rigorously explore the Catholic theological tradition, in dialogue with other traditions. Students study religion from an intellectual, spiritual, and historical perspective, picking from a set of electives that include Scripture courses, courses with an historical emphasis and courses that lead toward a certification in youth ministry. Students graduate the program with the qualifications needed to pursue further education or a career in the ministry.

HFC’s Accelerated Theology offers courses in:

  • Introduction to the Old Testament: A study of social, historical, cultural, literary and theological aspects of the Old Testament.
  • Moral Theology/Social Justice: A systematic introduction to Catholic moral teaching and its relationship to both the Scriptures and the Magisterium.
  • Preparing Parish Worship: A study of the roles of parish.

If You’re Interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree through an Accelerated Format from Holy Family College ...

If you’re a professional with responsibilities, going to college to get a bachelor’s degree may sound daunting. Yet we all deserve access to a college education. If you’re looking to jumpstart a new career or advance an existing one, there are alternative ways to earn your degree. Even if you have struggled before to juggle your education, your job and all the other little things that life throws at you  Holy Family College’s Accelerated Formats were designed with the modern-day student in mind.

If you are considering completing your degree, contact a Holy Family College admissions counselor for more information and start planning a visit to our campus! You can contact admissions by email: admissions@sl.edu or by phone: (800) 236-4752, ext. 175.


Do you want to learn more about the accelerated options offered at Holy Family College? We invite you to request more information here.

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