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A Life Devoted to Music and Service: The Legacy of Sister Lorna Zemke

Posted By Rachel Ware Carlton On April 05, 2018

A-Life-Devoted-to-Music-and-Service-The-Legacy-of-Sr-Lorna-ZemkeDo you have a particularly cheerful and humble mentor, teacher, or friend who comes to mind when you think about the people who have touched your life? Did this person also transform the way music is conceptualized and taught throughout the world?

If you answer yes to both of these questions, the odds are good you have encountered Sister Lorna Zemke. This extraordinary religious sister pioneered, popularized, and promoted Kodály methods of music education in the United States and abroad over the course of her long career as a teacher and musician.

She has also shaped the history of Holy Family College (HFC) in profound ways. Because of her influence and lengthy teaching career here, HFC is a world-renowned center for excellence in music education and has influenced thousands and thousands of music educators through conferences, courses, and its distinctive master’s program, the Kodály Summer Graduate Music Program.

If you are interested in music, music education or simply love to learn more about the fascinating people who have shaped our world, we have created a guide just for you that tells the story of the life of Sister Lorna Zemke and how the Kodály method swept across the world.

Here are some features you’ll find in this guide:

  • Exclusive reflections from Sr. Lorna about her life and work
  • A detailed look at Sr. Lorna’s early life and introduction to Kodály methods
  • Reflections on the true power of music and what music means for human life
  • An account of the rapid spread of Kodály and the state of music education today

The Legacy of Sister Lorna

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Topics: Music Education

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