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Suzanne Weiss

Suzanne Weiss is assistant director of communications at Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, Wis. Previously, Weiss was a writer with the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter, a writer and editor at the former Milwaukee Sentinel and worked in public relations and advertising.


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Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better: The Perks of Attending a Small College in Wisconsin

Posted by Suzanne Weiss on 1/7/16 11:00 AM

Don’t let the small college label fool you; there are big merits to attending a small college! The truth is, bigger isn’t always better, and sometimes it takes a little research to realize the best fit for you. It’s easy to want to attend a larger university -- your friends are going there, your parents went there, or maybe you’ve wanted to go there your whole life! Jumping on the bandwagon is easy. Although it’s a little extra work, it’s best to ask yourself a few more questions and do a little more research in order to make the best decision for you and your academic career.

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Topics: Vision/Mission/Values

10 Things I Wish I’d Known about Choosing a College

Posted by Suzanne Weiss on 3/14/15 4:00 PM

If I could re-do my college selection process, I’d approach it differently.

Since I was the first one in my family to attend college, my parents didn’t know how to help me and didn’t get involved in the selection process. We never toured colleges, discussed choices, or researched alternatives. I was unsure about my career path.

I ended up choosing the least expensive option, since no one talked to me about scholarships or loans. My freshman and sophomore years were difficult, and I felt lonely and lost.

Luckily, I “found myself” during my junior year, changed majors and got to know a group of people on campus with the same interests and career goals.

“Selecting a college can be compared to buying a pair of blue jeans,” said Jamie Grant, Executive Director of Enrollment Management at Holy Family College in Manitowoc, Wis. “You’ll find a lot of styles, sizes, and price ranges. But remember, a good fit for your friend may not necessarily be a good fit for you.” 

To help you prevent making the same mistakes I made, I collaborated with Jamie to come up with the following helpful tips: 

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Topics: Applying to College

Small College or Big University? 10 Questions to Help You Decide

Posted by Suzanne Weiss on 2/28/15 2:30 PM

I attended a large university where classes were often held in big auditoriums, and I found it hard to connect with my instructors and classmates. It was difficult for me to meet new people and make friends.

Truth be told, I had a tough time during my freshman and sophomore years. If I’d thought about how college size would impact my experience before I went off to school, I might have made a different choice.

One of the first decisions you will make when you select a college is whether you prefer a small college or a larger university. Everyone is different! Different personalities and different goals all figure into the decision of choosing the size of the college you will attend.

I worked with Jamie Grant, Executive Director of Enrollment Management at Holy Family College in Manitowoc, WI, to come up with the following questions to help you when looking at colleges:

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Topics: College Life

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Deciding where, when and by what means to go to college can be a difficult decision process. We want to help! The Holy Family College Blog is intended to be a resource as you navigate these choices, from what type of school to choose to how to finance your education. Watch this space for helpful tips. 

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