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Breaking the Diversity Myth of Small Private Colleges in Wisconsin

Posted By Jamie Grant On April 20, 2017

Class of 2021

“Diversity” isn’t the first word most people think of when they hear about small private colleges in Wisconsin, but Holy Family College is striving to break the stereotype of homogeneity on private college campuses.

At Holy Family College we intentionally seek out diversity as part of our Franciscan heritage and our mission. We believe that diversity is integral to the educational and developmental experience of our entire community.

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The current student body at the college is a prime example of our commitment to diversity. We have approximately 500 students from the U.S., and we have students from several foreign countries including:

  • Burundi (1 Student)
  • Tanzania (1-Sister)
  • Vietnam (4-Sisters)
  • Uganda (1-Sister)
  • Kenya (1–Sister)
  • Serbia (2 students)
  • Spain (2 students)
  • Honduras (1 student graduating in May)
  • Haiti (1 student)
  • Jamaica (1 student)

Our students, faculty and staff are committed to inclusivity, and on campus, you’ll find many opportunities to encounter and experience diversity, whether it is racial, ethnic, religious, political, intellectual or socioeconomic.

What does that look like on a practical level? Glad you asked!

Not only will you be challenged to embrace diversity of thought in your classes, but students at the college also have the opportunity to participate in numerous Diversity Activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Christian Prayer Reflection, an ecumenical prayer experience with worship, scripture, reflection and community building
  • Readings of poetry from all over the world
  • Fall break study service project at Habitat for Humanity
  • A Taste of Home, an ethnic food festival
  • Spring Break mission trip

At Holy Family College, we take our commitment to diversity seriously, because as a Franciscan college, it is part of our mission to welcome, educate and prepare students of all backgrounds for their futures in the professional world.


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