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How and why Holy Family College developed the new LOD graduate program

Posted By Dr. James Begotka On August 05, 2019


Holy Family College is excited to launch the new Leadership and Organizational Development (LOD) program in the fall. This graduate-level program will provide students with the training and education required to meet the rapidly growing demand for leaders in organizations across Wisconsin and the nation.

We’re answering three common questions you may have about this new program. Read on to discover how Holy Family College developed the new Leadership and Organizational Development graduate program – and why a Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Development could benefit your career!

Why Leadership and Organizational Development?

Many of the foundational principles from our former Management and Organizational Development program remain – including maintaining alignment with industry standards required of organizational leaders.

But this is not just a name change. We’ve seen that organizations are recognizing the value of shared leadership, and they’re looking to develop a culture of empowerment in their workplace.

That’s why here at Holy Family College, we created the Master of Science degree in Leadership and Organizational Development. This highly valuable degree prepares students to be leaders in their organizations and equips them to creatively manage and inspire employees while fostering a strategic vision within their workplaces.

The Leadership and Organizational Development program also will help students benefit from the job growth trends happening in Wisconsin right now. In order to meet the needs of area businesses, the program was crafted  to specialize and focus on the disciplines of leadership and organizational development specifically.

Job outlook for organizational leaders looks good in Wisconsin. Projected job growth trends along the I-43 corridor across Brown, Manitowoc and Sheboygan counties show double-digit percentage increases in business and professional services. This includes leaders and executives, human resources managers, instructional designers and coordinators, technical trainers, leadership development specialists and others according to figures from WORK.net, Wisconsin’s workforce and labor market information system.

Leadership and Organizational Development is meeting a demand many organizations have by preparing leaders like you to manage and lead employees in the workplace.

Can this graduate program work with my busy schedule?

In short, yes!

Students pursuing an M.S. in Leadership and Organizational Development often have schedules filled to the brim with full-time work and other life commitments. That’s why we designed this program to engage adult leaders with an educational experience that takes you into consideration. Students can complete the degree in as little as 24 months or as many as 26.

Courses are scheduled on a rotating basis in eight-week blocks. That means you can focus on one course at a time.

  • Courses are offered both face-to-face and in the hybrid model to accommodate those who may not be close to campus.
  • Students can enter the program in the fall, spring or summer – ensuring that you can start the program at a time that’s right for you.

Is Leadership and Organizational Development the right field for me?

Leadership is complex. An effective leader evaluates a situation and group of people and drives them toward a common vision. Organizational leaders inspire, hold accountable and manage their fellow employees.

If you’re interested in creatively and personally leading companies, businesses or nonprofits (not to mention their people!), then a Master’s in Leadership and Organizational Development could be the right fit for you.

You’ll invest in your workplace and help others reach their full potential. You’ll build teams, create strategic visions, operate at high-level decision-making, manage human resources – all while inspiring those around you.

If you’re interested in a Leadership and Organizational Development career, then take the next step and request more information about Holy Family College’s Master’s in Leadership and Organizational Development program.

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