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How to Get Your Master's in Education While Working Full-Time

Posted By Nancy Sim On April 26, 2019

 How to Get Your Master's in Education While Working Full-Time  
It’s basically impossible to go back to school for a graduate degree when you have a full-time job and family responsibilities, right?

If this is what you’ve thought in the past, it’s time for us all to revisit this assumption. Some programs may make it hard to keep working while you’re taking classes, but that’s not the way it should be, particularly in a specialized, hands-on field like education.

Keep reading as we explore how the education master’s programs at Holy Family College are specifically designed for full-time educators and why getting your degree while working can enrich your time in both educational environments.

Our Graduate Education Courses Are Offered On Weekends in Four Wisconsin Locations

Our programs have been designed with full-time educators in mind.

We know that your weeks are busy enough without adding classes and that you don’t need a master’s program to be hanging over your head for two to three years. Our Master of Arts in Education degrees in Teacher Leadership and Administrator Leadership are both offered via an accelerated, cohort model.

This means that the full master’s degrees can be completed over the course of a single year, and classes are offered at the Holy Family College campus in Manitowoc, as well as in Chippewa Falls, Pulaski and Wausau. Our classes are offered for two weeks in July, Saturdays and Sundays from September through May and two weeks in June. We also offer a convenient new location in Wausau, Wisconsin. Our newest cohort will begin in the summer of 2019 at NorthCentral Technical College (NTC) in Wausau, Wisconsin. This convenient location is ideal for anyone looking to obtain their Master’s in Education in the Wausau area.

If you already have your master’s degree and you’re interested in licensure or certification pathways, we offer specialized tracks as well! Check out our program pages for more details.

Students in the master’s programs are together for a total of four semesters, meeting for two full weeks during successive summers and once a month on the weekend in the months in between.

The cohort model creates a strong sense of community and support over the course of your year long study. We’re excited to announce that we will be starting a new graduate education cohort at NorthCentral Technical College (NTC) in Wausau, Wisconsin. The cohort will begin in the summer of 2019! This convenient location is ideal for anyone looking to obtain their Master’s in Education in the Wausau area.

Our Graduate Education Courses Complement Your Ongoing Work Demands

Although taking graduate education courses will add more work to your life, many of our education programs’ graduates talk about how their study complements and enriches their work life during the rest of the month.

If your time in graduate courses is giving you new ideas for leadership, practical suggestions for classroom management, and inspiration from fellow education practitioners, your day-to-day in your school environment improves even before you have finished your degree.

Dean of the School of Education at Holy Family College, Dr. Michael Dunlap, describes the two master’s degrees as highly applied and experiential:

“The program is very practical. While theory is addressed, emphasis is placed on practice and reflection. Students not only learn from their facilitators but from their colleagues. Because the same students and instructors are together for an entire year, deep trust is developed. People are much more willing to share their challenges. They encourage, support and uplift one another. Our graduates have told us the program is transformative.”

Still Not Sure if You Want to Take on Graduate School While Working? Here’s What Alumni of the Program Have to Say

We asked some educators (members of a recent cohort) the following question: what advice would you give to an individual thinking about Holy Family College’s Grad Ed Program?

Here’s a sample of what they had to say:

  • “It’s a little family of educators.”
  • “Very welcoming, collaborative, engaging.”
  • “Do it with no hesitation!”
  • “I already recruited 2 for the next cohort!”
  • “You will enjoy teaching more.”
  • “It’s practical versus an online program.”
  • “Just do it – you’ll love it.”
  • “It will change your professional life – immediately.”

Don’t Let Your Work Be Your Excuse for Not Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education

There are many good reasons to decide not to pursue a master’s degree or an advanced certification in education, but the fact that you are working full-time is not one of them.

Holy Family College’s graduate education courses are not only designed to fit flexibly into your schedule, the courses can actually improve and transform your work habits as you take them, helping you become the best educator or education administrator you can be.

If you are interested in advancing your career in education, explore HFC’s two master’s degree options and pathways to certification and licensure in specialized areas. We are eager to help you take the next step in your education career!

Ready to learn more about The College’s two graduate education programs? Check out free resource for detailed program information today!

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