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Looking for a Versatile Degree? A B.S. in Business Management Could Be Right For You

Posted By Dr. James Begotka On June 25, 2018


The workforce is highly competitive right now. With undergraduate degrees becoming more indispensable and higher education growing in popularity, we know you need a degree that is versatile and valuable, one that will help you move up in your field and increase your eligibility for promotions. Whether you are bringing your GED or some college credit to the table, pursuing your undergraduate degree is a smart compliment to your work experience and an excellent next step in furthering your professional career.

At Holy Family College, we want to help you earn a degree that will be flexible, practical and provide you with an immediate return on investment when you graduate. The Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Management is the perfect fit for the post-traditional student returning to school and looking to earn a degree that can immediately translate into multiple career options. Read on to learn more about how this degree could be the right fit for you.


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Benefits of the B.S. in Business Management

Whether you are looking to move up in your current job, or break into a new field entirely - a B.S. in Business Management can help you get there. Not only does an undergraduate degree raise your earning potential, but it also qualifies you for promotions and managerial opportunities that might not otherwise be available to you.

One study found that full-time working adults holding a bachelor’s degree earned about $17,500 more annually. Additionally, the study found that the risk of unemployment goes down with increased education.

Furthermore, the skills you will acquire during your coursework will prove invaluable in your career. A undergraduate degree offers you the opportunity to develop your soft-skills, such as communication, critical thinking, leadership and teamwork. It also affords you the opportunity to specialize in one particular area of business management. This specialization is highly valuable and is the kind of asset that makes you indispensable to an employer.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the benefits of returning to school as a post-traditional student, as described by Grant Daniels, a business management graduate. Daniels highlights the practical application of his degree, the opportunity for teamwork, small class size, accommodating course length and the accessibility of his professors as some of the best parts of returning to school for his undergraduate degree.

Breaking Down the Degree

At Holy Family College, the goal of the B.S. in Business Management degree is to provide a student with a sound understanding of theories and practices consistent with successful management in an organization. Throughout their coursework, students develop leadership and ethical decision-making skills that can be applied to a broad range of organizations.

The program has several desired learning outcomes, all of which are designed to support and propel students in their professional careers. Upon graduation, students will have an understanding of theories and practices in the functional areas of business. The degree also is designed to hone students’ written and oral communication skills, and provide them with a thorough understanding of standard business-related software: word processing and spreadsheets.

Students will be able to assess the legal and ethical consequences of decisions with which managers, leaders and practitioners in their chosen field are frequently confronted. They also will learn to identify and adapt basic business theories and practices to the functional area of management, as applied to various organizations. Finally, students will learn to apply analytical skills to a wide range of managerial decisions.

We have designed our B.S. in Business Management degree with the flexibility you need built into the program itself. Courses are offered in a traditional daytime setting, an accelerated evening and weekend format, or a combination of the twomaking it easy for you to return to school while continuing to gain valuable professional work experience.

Maybe you are like Daniels, or maybe you have different reasons for returning as a post-traditional student. Whatever your motivation, the decision to pursue your undergraduate degree in Business Management is a great one, and we want to help you realize your goal and earn a degree that will expand your professional horizons.


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