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Interested in Career Growth? Here’s a Complete Guide to Getting Your Master’s in Leadership and Organizational Development

Posted By Dr. James Begotka On February 14, 2019

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“This process [of creating good leaders] by its very nature cannot be revolutionary, but must be evolutionary; gradual development changes, a result of planned growth, and the creation of mutual trust and respect.” - Paul Hersey

Many professionals thriving in a variety of fields have begun to see key differences between managers and leaders: managers manage resources and processes, and leaders lead people.

Keep reading for a full explanation of the key differences between managers and leaders and for access to a new, complete guide that explores the degree possibility you should consider if you're interested in career growth!

Managers versus Leaders

For managers, the focus is often on the task at hand and the path to execution, and not necessarily on the human dynamics, talents and needs of the people who make up his or her team.

Leaders, on the other hand, are focused on motivating the people around them to perform at the highest level of their ability and with the greatest sense of purpose and fulfillment. This emphasis on people translates to efficient, creative and collaborative solutions to projects or common problems.

Can Anyone Become a Leader?

You may be wondering: “can leadership skills really be taught?”

The answer is an emphatic “yes!” More and more organizations are recognizing the value of shared leadership, and they’re looking to develop a culture of empowerment in their workplace. They need competent, positive, skilled mid-to-upper level leaders within the company in order to improve productivity and efficiency and keep morale high.

A master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Development (LOD) can offer working professionals the chance to develop and implement skills and strategies that sustain high levels of individual, team and organizational performance. This allows graduates from an LOD program to immediately add value to their workplace performance and their résumé.

A Master’s in Leadership and Organizational Development Could Help You Meet a Growing Demand

Here at Holy Family College, we have aligned our master’s of science degree in Leadership and Organizational Development with the kind of objectives that professionals wishing to advance in leadership roles find valuable.

This graduate-level program will provide students with the training and education required to meet the rapidly growing demand for leaders in organizations across Wisconsin and the nation.

Now, we’ve created a whole eBook to help you learn more about the growing field of leadership and organizational development and why it might be the right fit for you — A Guide to Getting Your Master’s in Leadership and Organizational Development.

This guide will:

  • Provide an overview of the leadership and organizational development fields

  • Describe who can benefit most from this specialized degree

  • List career opportunities and job projections for graduates of an advanced LOD program

  • Describe the College’s new Leadership and Organizational Development degree

In short, this guide will walk you through the background and information you need to understand in order to consider your future in leadership and your future as part of Holy Family College’s Leadership and Organizational Development Program.

There’s no time like the present to advance your career! Check out our complete guide today to learn how you can become a leader in any organization.



Download the Guide

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