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New Guide: A Guide to Holy Family College's Summer Graduate Music Program

Posted By Rachel Ware Carlton On February 08, 2018

35443772991_ef9a90a08b_k.jpgAre you looking for an opportunity to enrich your knowledge and grow your skills in music and music instruction? Are you interested in experiential learning that uses music to develop the whole person? Look no further than our Kodály Summer Graduate Music Program.

Here at Holy Family College, the Kodály Summer Graduate Music Program offers music educators the opportunity to earn a Master of Music in Music Education with a Kodály Emphasis in a four-summer session program. Educators will engage in a scholarly learning environment based on the methods taught by Zoltan Kodály. The four summer sessions are designed to run for two weeks at a time. During the two-week sessions, music educators will develop individual music skills combined with Kodály pedagogy techniques. Students complete a comprehensive Capstone Project at the end of their program.

We’ve created a guide to help walk you through the unique features of our renowned program and to explain how this program can advance your learning and your career as a music educator.

This guide will:

  • Provide an overview of the Kodály method of music education
  • Give a detailed list of the types of courses and workshops offered
  • Discuss the prestigious reputation of the HFC Summer Graduate Music Program and what that means for your career opportunities
  • Highlight the top-notch faculty and community network this program offers

Summer Grad Music Cover

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Topics: Music Education

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