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New Scholarship Opportunities for Orff Schulwerk Certification at Holy Family College

Posted By Rachel Ware Carlton On February 07, 2020



Holy Family College’s Graduate Music program is expanding its offerings with the addition of its Orff Schulwerk Level I Certification program. This program isn’t the only thing that is new — scholarships are now also available for Orff Schulwerk Level I Certification program.  

This program offers its students an informative, joyful and life changing experience of music education at its finest. Keep reading to learn more about this certification program and new ways that you can make this certification a financial possibility.

Come Experience Our Reputation for Excellence in Music Education

Holy Family College, formerly Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, is known around the world as a center for Graduate Music Education and its Kodály Summer Graduate Music Program. Building upon this success, Holy Family College launches its Orff Schulwerk Certification Program – Level I in the summer of 2020.

The Kodaly program, started by Sister Lorna Zemke and continued by faculty including Dr. John Feierabend, is inspirational, intensive, and transformational for all who attend. The Orff Schulwerk program will build on this foundation and carry out Sister Lorna’s vision of advancing Kolday’s philosophy of “Music for All” using all available tools. The availability of scholarships for the Orff Schulwerk Certification program will allow more students to participate and grow as music educators. 

Credits earned in the Orff Schulwerk Certification program can be applied to the Master of Music in Music Education - Kodaly Emphasis program at Holy Family College.  Contact Dr. Rachel Ware Carlton (rachel.warecarlton@holyfamilycollege.edu), Director of Graduate Music, to learn more.

About the Program and Faculty

Holy Family College’s Orff Schulwerk Certification Program – Level I will be held July 13-24, 2020 in the Franciscan Center for Music Education and Performance in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Throughout these two weeks, educators will develop an understanding of the teaching and learning process using the Orff Schulwerk approach to music and movement. Conducted in a joyful and upbeat atmosphere, students will study technique and improvisation, analysis and arranging, pedagogy, movement and recorder as required by the American Orff Schulwerk Association (AOSA).

A program is only as strong as its faculty. That is why we are delighted to welcome some of the best to lead this summer's Orff-Schulwerk program.

We have assembled a top team of Orff Educators for this program including Dan Gullick (Pedagogy), Aaron Hanson (Movement) and John Barnes (Recorder.) To learn more about our program faculty, click here.

Scholarship Opportunities for This Year’s Certification Program

Internal Scholarship Opportunity

Holy Family College awards multiple scholarships each year within the Kodaly program, and beginning in 2020 will do the same for students enrolled in the Orff Schulwerk Level I Certification program for graduate credit.

A limited amount of scholarships are available annually, and students are encouraged to apply early. To be eligible for an award, an accepted student must enroll for the Orff Certificate program for graduate credit, intend to complete all three levels of the Orff Certificate, have earned at least a 3.0 from their undergraduate institution, demonstrate financial need by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (complete this by May 15, 2020), and maintain a record of academic excellence at Holy Family College with a GPA of no lower than a 3.0.

To learn more about how to apply for a scholarship, please click here.

External Scholarship Opportunity

Students enrolling in the program for credit or non-credit may apply for a scholarship through the Greater Milwaukee Orff Dimensions (GMOD) organization.  Members of this group are given first preference for this competitive scholarship, however individuals can join the group at any time.  To learn more about this opportunity, please visit www.milwaukeeorff.org.  Scholarship applications can be found on this webpage under "Membership benefits." You can also access the application directly here.

Apply for Your Scholarship Today and Join This Summer's Cohort of Music Educators

To join us, simply complete the free and easy non-degree seeking application for graduate admission found HERE.  One received, Dr. Rachel Ware Carlton, Director of Graduate Music, will contact you to complete  your registration form and assist you in ordering your transcripts from your undergraduate institution.

Join us this summer and be a part of this important historical moment as we launch the Orff Schulwerk program this summer and bring Orff Certification training back to the state of Wisconsin.

Not ready to apply yet? Attend one of our upcoming webinars to learn more about our graduate music programs! 

Attend a Webinar

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