Dozens of people traveled to Silver Lake College for 2014 Kodály Summer Music Session

Posted On July 29, 2014

UNDERGRAD_resizedimage350234-SLC-Kodaly-1Silver Lake College held its 41st annual Kodály Summer Music Session from June 30 through July 18, 2014, at the campus’ new Franciscan Center for Music Education and Performance.

The session hosted 62 new and returning students (for the Kodály Certificate program and Master of Music degree with Kodály Emphasis) from throughout Wisconsin as well as one other country (Ireland) and 12 other states (Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Utah).

They were inspired and taught by eminent faculty including Sister Lorna Zemke and Sister Marella Wagner, both of Silver Lake College; John Feierabend and Lillie Feierabend of Hartford, Conn.; Frank Gallo of Chicago, Ill.; Brent Gault of Bloomington, Ind.; Lisa Brandl of Valders, Wis.; Teresa Schroepfer of Green Bay, Wis.; and Lynne Zimmerman of Oostburg, Wis.

A reception and membership meeting was hosted by the AWAKE Chapter of OAKE on July 2, when 18-credit Kodály Certificates were issued to Maureen Parker of Macon, Ga.; Sarah Maland of Salt Lake City, Utah; Stacy Fink of Oeiwein, Iowa; and Jodell Gawron of Black River Falls, Wis.

A celebration luncheon was hosted by the Silver Lake College Kodaly Institute on July 9.

The three weeks of intense study and research included courses in the following: Kodály II, Kodály III, Folk Song History and Research, Solfege II, Advanced Solfege, Choral Ensemble, History and Philosophy of Music Education, Graduate Music History Review, Research in Music Education, Proposal Development Seminar, Thesis/Project, and several significant Special Topic courses, including First Steps in Music, Conversational Solfege, Intentional Movement in the Music Classroom, and Active Learning Strategies for Active Musicians.

The 2014 Summer Chorus, under the direction of Frank Gallo, performed an outstanding concert in the Franciscan Music Center’s beautiful Endries Hall. Members of the choir stationed around Endries Hall performed the “Cantate Domino” by Thomas Ravenscroft and processed in while singing the Plainsong, “Pange Lingua,” ending the final verse in organum at the fourth. Other choral works included “Ecco quel fiero istante K.V.436,” “Selig sind die Toten,” “Three Fishers Went Sailing,” “A Un Panal de Rica Miel,” “Carrickfergus” and “Prayer of St. Francis.”

Nine students graduated with the Master of Music degree in Music Education: Kodály Emphasis on May 3. They included Kathleen Bader, Jessica Spicer and Ginger Van Ells, all of Wisconsin; Robin Evans of Missouri; Jasmine Faulkner of Colorado; Cori Patterson of New York; Valerie Vinnard of California; Melanie Wolfgang of Texas and Lynn Sullivan of Ireland.

The Kodály Institute at Silver Lake College will convene the 2015 Kodály Summer Music Session from June 29 through July 10. The Kodály Certificate, Master of Music in Music Education with Kodály Emphasis, and various special topic courses will be offered.