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Education students learning to integrate arts

Posted On February 08, 2018

Integrating the Arts resized

MANITOWOC, Wis. — Silver Lake College’s education students are learning about shipping on the Great Lakes, a typical social studies topic they may someday teach.

What’s not so typical is they are exploring the Great Lakes through a variety of ways in their Integrating the Arts class, taught by Sister Marcolette Madden, associate professor of education.

Sister Madden recently invited her SLC colleague, Dr. Dionne Landgraf, associate professor of art, to help the education students see the topic through new eyes. Dr. Landgraf showed paintings of ships and engaged the students in watercolor seascapes.

A future lesson will explore the Great Lakes musically, through the teaching of sea shanties, work songs that sailors once sung aboard large merchant ships.

The course focuses on the theory and methods related to integrating drama, music, art and dance in content areas such as social studies, science, math and the language arts, Sister Madden said.

“This class is for our non-art majors,” Dr. Landgraf said. “It provides future elementary, middle and high school teachers an opportunity to integrate the arts into their curriculum. The arts are enriched by integrating the sciences and social studies and they, in turn, are enriched by the arts.”

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