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Five Silver Lake College Students and Basketball Coach Travel to New York To Attend Funeral of 8 Year Old Boy Killed In Tragic Fire

Posted On January 29, 2014

Silver Lake College Men's Basketball Coach, Phil Budervic, was deeply moved to respond after reading about the tragic death of 8 year old, Tyler Doohan, in East Rochester, NY.  Firefighters in East Rochester, said after helping several family members, including two children and two adults escape a burning trailer, the brave boy ran back in for his disabled grandfather and uncle. All three died together. Tyler's act of selflessness has inspired people across the country to help the family.

"It hit me so strongly, and when I brought it up to the players, they didn't look at it as something that happened far away, they looked at it as something that happened next door, and they wanted to rally around it," Budervic said. The coach reached out to the fire dept. who contacted Tyler's family, telling them his players wanted to be pallbearers at the boy's funeral. Students were eager to help and the whole team came forward but Coach Budervic had to narrow it down to five students.   

Budervic said giving back is part of the college's foundation. "Two of our core values at Silver Lake College are compassion and community, and one of the things we try and teach the student athletes is compassion has no end, community has no borders," Budervic said.

The students will travel eleven hours by van on Tuesday with Coach Phil Budervic to assist at the funeral. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday at St. John’s Catholic Church in Fairport, NY.