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Mission trip draws students closer to faith 

Posted On March 23, 2018

Mission Trip

MANITOWOC, Wis. — Eight students lived the Franciscan mission of Silver Lake College in mid-March when they took part in the Appalachian Spring Break Mission Trip, led by Shaun Johnson, director of campus ministry.

The students traveled to Johnson City, Tennessee, where they "worked on seeing and encountering Christ in each other and those they were called to serve by living in a Christian community centered in prayer and acts of Christian Charity," Johnson said. 

Their first opportunity of Christian charity began Monday after daily Mass and prayer at St. Mary’s Catholic School and Parish. They helped seal the floor of the parish library, cleaned and re-arranged a new youth ministry center and cleaned and re-arranged the storage spaces.

The mission team also served the TLC Community Center & Abortion Alternatives in nearby Elizabethton. There, they cleaned, sorted clothing for children and painted a mural.

“It was here that the students were impacted greatly by the personal witness of Christ's mercy and compassion given by the founder and director of the center, Angie Odom,” Johnson said.

“It was incredible to hear Angie’s story of how she adopted her daughter and how the Holy Spirit moved her to do that and how she listened to the Holy Spirit. We got to meet her daughter, too, which was really cool,” said participating student Angela Dvorak, a senior majoring in English and theology.

Other students who took part in the trip were Kristina Carroll, Alyssa Duckart, Samuel Hall, Allan “AJ” Jaeger, Tekla Kilpatrick, Matalie Koss and Christopher Zaragoza.

More photos can be seen here.  

PHOTO: Silver Lake College students Angela Dvorak and Samuel Hall sort through baby clothes and re-organize Children’s clothes at TLC Community Center & Abortion Alternatives in Johnson City, Tennessee.