Silver Lake College Dedicates Endries Family Heritage Room

Posted On September 24, 2015

Silver Lake College honored Bob and Pat Endries of Brillion on Wednesday during its dedication of the Endries Family Heritage Room.

A focus of the room is a pictorial history timeline map honoring the people, mission and positive impact of the College.

The history map, the physical improvements in the room and future renovation of the adjacent patio are due to the generosity of Bob and Pat Endries.

“One of our core values at Silver Lake College is community. Synonymous with community at Silver Lake College will be, forever, Bob and Pat Endries,” said Dr. Chris Domes, President of Silver Lake College.

“Today we dedicate a space that celebrates community. This core value of community that we strive to instill in our students every day will thrive on our campus because of the generosity of Bob and Pat,” he said.

“Every day, visitors, prospective students, parents, alumni and those of us who live, work and study here will be greeted and reminded of the Endries family and their commitment to building community. I would suggest this is a priceless gift to us,” Dr. Domes said.

The Heritage Room is used for board meetings, faculty meetings, strategic planning meetings, small luncheons and other events.

“Part of the reason for our gift is you, Sisters. We were educated by you, we saw what you do. We still see what you do,” Bob Endries said.

“Each one of you should, if you could, pat yourself on the back because you have built one very strong organization, a very strong educational facility and more than that a whole lot of people walking around the world that are better for what you started,” he said. “Pat and I are just pleased to be a part of this. We have been given something and we do believe we owe it back.”

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