Silver Lake College, Wisconsin Technical College System sign agreement that benefits nursing students

Posted On May 27, 2015

Silver Lake College and the Wisconsin Technical College System are making it easier for area nursing students to earn bachelor’s degrees.

Silver Lake College President Dr. Chris Domes and Lakeshore Technical College President Dr. Michael Lanser signed an articulation agreement during a ceremony on May 27 at Silver Lake College.

The agreement expands the history of mutuality between the two colleges, guaranteeing admission to Silver Lake College’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree completion program to students who have successfully completed an Associate Degree in Nursing not only at Lakeshore Technical College, but also the 15 other technical colleges in the state.

“This is a great, historic day for Silver Lake College and Lakeshore Technical College," Dr. Domes said. "It gives us an opportunity as a higher education community to think about not just what we do at our own institutions, but, more importantly, what we’re doing for students.

“And as we look at the pathway that students are taking these days to get through their undergraduate experience, we know that we must respond to those students in a way that we probably didn’t do in the past, and that is look at ourselves not just as competitors, but actually as collaborative partners in a process of helping young people to make sure that we are creating a journey for them, making it easy to transfer, making it easy to transition from one educational institution to the next.”

Said Dr. Lanser: “When I look back, LTC has relationships with a lot of higher educational institutions. This one is really special and for a number of reasons. One, because we’re neighbors. Our job is to get people jobs, but when they’re working and they choose to go and get a bachelor’s degree, we know that many of them choose Silver Lake College because of the quality and because of the proximity. I think right now it’s important for us all to tell students that there are multiple paths to accomplish their education and career goals.”

Also taking part in the signing were Vicki Ansorge, Silver Lake College’s Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, and Barbara Dodge, Lakeshore Technical College’s Vice President of Instruction.

Brianna Neuser, Silver Lake College’s Assistant Dean of the School of Professional Studies, and Jim Lemerond, Lakeshore Technical College’s Dean of Health and Human Services, also spoke at the ceremony.

“What you all recognize, and I think that we need to embrace, is that healthcare is changing dramatically,” Neuser said. “We need to prepare nurses for complex, high-acuity patients who have many needs. And they have needs beyond a hospital setting. They have needs in the community as well. So our nurses need to embrace wellness, health promotion, disease prevention and community care.”

As these needs grow, our society will have a greater need for nurses with baccalaureate degrees by the year 2020, she said.

“The career pathway is something we really stress,” Lemerond said. “This is another step in that pathway. This is a great opportunity for our Associate Degree nurses to continue on and receive that Bachelor of Science (degree) and prepare a workforce that will be diverse and they will be able to meet the needs of the hospitals and other health-care settings.”

For more information, please contact Jamie Grant, Silver Lake College's Executive Director of Enrollment Management, at (920) 686-6206 or; or Donald Geiger, Lakeshore Technical College Student Services Director at (920) 693-1378 or