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Silver Lake College’s Dr. Emilie Lindemann publishes full-length poetry collection

Posted On November 09, 2016

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Photo by  LilyRian Photography

By Suzanne Weiss/Director of Public Relations

MANITOWOC, Wis. — Silver Lake College’s Dr. Emilie Lindemann, associate professor of English, has published her first full-length poetry collection, “mother-mailbox.”

"I was absolutely thrilled to see how the editor paid attention to every detail, from the cover to the fonts to the typesetting,” Dr. Lindemann said as she held a copy of her new book.

A painting by Karen Laudon, which inspired several poems in the collection, graces the front of the soft-cover, 74-page volume published by Misty Publications of Chicago.

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Among the works influenced by visual art is a section of poems called “Nesting,” inspired in part by photographs taken by Erin LaBonte, Silver Lake College associate professor of art and art department co-chair.

Other poems draw on Dr. Lindemann’s experiences with pregnancy and motherhood. (She and her husband, Steve Sukowaty, welcomed their son, Oliver, about two years ago.)

Yet other poems are inspired by the lives and works of women with whom she feels connected, including the late Wisconsin artists Lorine Niedecker and Livija Patikne.

“Some of the poems imagine correspondence with Wisconsin women who I see as kindred spirits. I imagined writing to Niedecker and Patikne while also imagining their voices and perspectives,” Dr. Lindemann said.

The book features a collection of epistles (poems that use the letter form), persona poems (poems that use different voices) and prose poems.

Dr. Lindemann is the author of several chapbooks (a term used to describe smaller poetry collections) including “Small Adult Trees/Small Adulteries” and “Queen of the Milky Way” (both from dancing girl press of Chicago).

The book “mother-mailbox” is the winner of the 2016 Arsenic Lobster Poetry Prize.

“Misty Publications also publishes Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal. Each year, they put out a call for manuscripts and publish one or two poetry books a year,” said Dr. Lindemann, who feels fortunate to have been chosen this year.

Wisconsin professor and poet Karl Elder praises the ways in which “mother-mailbox” makes visible “the protean, inner life of the keenest of observers.” 

Brenda Cárdenas, also a Wisconsin professor and poet, writes that Dr. Lindemann’s “technicolor imagery, unorthodox humor, and inventive word play subvert expectations at every turn.”  

Dr. Lindemann holds a Ph.D. in English-creative writing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Her new book of poetry is available from Misty Publications