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SLC presents exhibit of Henry Steinfort’s works

Posted On January 04, 2017

Mother With Child by Henry Steifort (2).jpg

“Mother With Child” by Henry Steinfort. Image submitted by the artist

By Suzanne Weiss/Director of Public Relations

MANITOWOC, Wis. — Sheboygan artist Henry Steinfort’s works, abstract and eye-catching, will be on display at Silver Lake College from Jan. 16 through Feb. 17.

“Painted Canvas Relief,” will be showing in the Lake’s Edge Gallery in the Franciscan Center for Music Education and Performance on campus, 2406 S. Alverno Road. The public is welcome to the free exhibit, presented by the art department.

A retired art educator, Steinfort is expanding his involvement in the visual arts as a sculptor and in the performing arts as a cellist in a free-form improvisational jazz band.

“The work of Henry Steinfort is a hybrid between painting and sculpture. His work on canvas opens painting to new possibilities. As a skilled musician and visual artist, Henry works with improvisational concepts. As a cello player, he explores new sounds within an ensemble. As a painter, he rises above the surface of the canvas,” said Dionne Landgraf, Silver Lake College associate professor of art and art department co- chair.

Steinfort’s artworks have taken many forms: wall-mounted painted abstract canvas sculptures, suspended pieces, freestanding works and environmental installations — from small and intimate to large and monumental.

“I’ve always been intrigued by the vast variety of sensuous, organic, abstract and tactile qualities of the natural world and the never-ending uniqueness of biomorphic forms that exist, with their strikingly varied color interactions that seem to occur in so many wonderful and amazing ways all around us,” Steinfort said in his artist’s statement. 

He aspires to offer formats for “human, spatial, sensory and environmental interaction … I ask the viewer to shed preconceived notions of implied distance and to consider redefining the criteria for assessing the value and function of art and reaffirm its role as an important element in daily life,” he said.Afflatus 10 by Henry Steifort (1) resized.jpg

Steinfort, who holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, taught visual arts in the Howards Grove School District for 34 years. He now works out of his home sculpture studio. His works have been shown in invitational, solo shows and museums in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, as well as United Arab Emirates, among other locales.

Silver Lake College gallery hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.


RIGHT: “Afflatus 10” by Henry Steinfort. Image submitted by the artist