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SLC President Dr. Chris Domes appointed to state committee

Posted On November 13, 2015

By Benjamin Wideman / Director of Media Relations

Silver Lake College President Dr. Chris Domes has been appointed to the Talent Development & Planning Committee on behalf of the Governor’s Council on Workforce Investment.

The council was established in 2000 as a federal mandate under the Workforce Investment Act to assist the state in identifying and implementing innovative and dynamic workforce development strategies.

In 2013, a newly constituted council was tasked by Gov. Scott Walker with defining a strategic framework that aligns Wisconsin’s talent and workforce development initiatives and investments with the economic development activities and growth strategies of the state.

Dr. Domes is the only private college president in the state to serve on the Talent Development & Planning Committee, which meets quarterly.

“This allows the institution and myself an opportunity to speak with other key leaders around the state and assess how we’re developing talent within our state to respond to workforce needs,” Dr. Domes said.

“And, given our new position as the state’s first college or university to adopt the Work College Model, we feel it positions us to share our experiences of why it’s so important to develop talent within the context of a liberal arts education and the context of making sure we’re developing leaders for our state.”

Starting with the 2016-2017 academic year, 100 percent of incoming full-time, residential students at Silver Lake College will be required to participate in the Work College Model, which is designed to better prepare students for a 21st century work environment. Those students could receive a work grant up to $3,200, requiring them to work 10 hours per week — which not only helps them financially but enables them to build a robust resume using jobs on campus as well as partnerships in the community utilizing internships.

A letter Dr. Domes received from the state’s Department of Workforce Development said that his place on the committee “will bring a much-needed perspective to the development of the state’s workforce and talent development programs and implementation of (Council on Workforce Investment) strategies.”

Dr. Domes said the committee will address a variety of topics, including things like apprenticeship programs, career development in high schools and two- and four-year higher education institutions, and looking at the next generation of millennials and how to create opportunities for entrepreneurship.

“The committee features a collaborative and broad group of individuals who will do everything we can to assist the state and its citizens,” Dr. Domes said. “This is important work, and we’re all looking forward to making a positive impact.”