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SLC representatives helping with Feed The Kids summer program

Posted On July 01, 2014

UNDERGRAD_resizedimage350262-SLC-Salv-ArmyHundreds of children in Manitowoc County aren’t feeling hungry this summer thanks in part to efforts by eight representatives of Silver Lake College.

The Salvation Army of Manitowoc County’s Feed The Kids summer food program provides nutritious lunches to nearly 500 children in Manitowoc and Two Rivers each weekday from June 9 through Aug. 29. Free lunches are distributed to children 18 and younger who are in need of a meal.

Silver Lake College representatives volunteer their time on Monday evenings at The Salvation Army of Manitowoc County’s kitchen in Manitowoc. Working side by side with Salvation Army personnel, they cook meat and slice buns for Sloppy Joes, and also slice cucumbers. Those meals are distributed to children on Tuesdays.

“It’s a way of meeting a need for these children, so we’re happy that we’re able to help out,” said Sister Christine Stoller, a Silver Lake College faculty member.

Other Silver Lake College representatives who rotate preparing meals for 60 to 90 minutes on Monday evenings are: faculty members Sister Margaret Ann Wallander, Sister Michaela Melko and Daniel Minter; adjunct professor Patrick Gagnon; students Abigail Rieth and Kathleen Van Sleet; and graduate R.J. Skrepenski.

This marks the 10th year that Sister Margaret Ann, Sister Michaela and Sister Christine have been volunteering their time for Feed The Kids.

“It connects with our educational values and beliefs,” said Sister Michaela. “You’re able to learn more when you aren’t hungry and you have good food to eat.”

Added Sister Margaret Ann: “I know that what we’re doing is helping the children of our area. And I think it’s important that we as a college help out with programs like Feed The Kids. We really are a vital part of Manitowoc County.”

Meals prepared on Monday evenings by Silver Lake College representatives are distributed to four locations in Manitowoc County on Tuesdays by Salvation Army personnel. Those locations include Southfield Townhouses, Washington Park and Jefferson Elementary School, all in Manitowoc; and Koenig Elementary School in Two Rivers.  Milk is provided at each of the locations, as well.