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SLC students take part in Encounter Milwaukee

Posted On November 22, 2017

Shaun Johnson cropped.jpg

MANITOWOC, Wis. — Shaun Johnson, director of Franciscan Spirituality and Service for Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, took 11 students to Milwaukee to participate in the fourth annual Encounter Milwaukee on Nov. 11.

“The Silver Lake College students who participated in the experience greatly enjoyed the opportunity to grow together as disciples on the journey,” Johnson said. “It was a full day, starting at 7:45 a.m., when we boarded the SLC van until 11:30 p.m., when we arrived back in Manitowoc, but the experience re-energized our zeal to dive deeper into our faith and share it with others.”

Students included Will Puestow, Matalie Koss, Tekla Kilpatrick, Niyimbona Fadhili, Amanda Laque, Benjamin Karnitz, Kaye Solander, Alyssa Canales, Alyssa Duckart, Christopher Zaragoza and Shannon DeGrave.

Encounter Milwaukee is a partnership between Arise Ministries, Young Adult Catholic Ministries in the Milwaukee area and Steubenville Conferences. Through a series of keynote speakers, experiences of praise and worship, breakout sessions, and engaging liturgical experiences, the conference is designed to enliven young adults in their faith and strives to form missionary disciples who will go out into the world and share Christ’s love for all of creation.

PHOTO: Participating students, from left to right are: Alyssa Duckart, Matalie Koss, and Amanda Laque.