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SLC's Anna Hall enjoys keeping busy during summer months

Posted On July 13, 2015

Anna_HallBy Suzanne Weiss / Assistant Director of Communications

Silver Lake College sophomore Anna Hall of Denmark, Wis., enjoys challenging herself during her summer breaks from school.

“I’m super busy all of the time and that’s exactly how I want my summers to be, yet I still have time to go to a movie with friends or read a book,” she said.

Anna is continuing her work-study job in the college library, where she shelves and catalogs books, sets up displays, and withdraws unwanted books.

She also works at a fast-food restaurant in her home town and works at the college’s summer camps for elementary school children.

During a recent camp, she helped children make rubbings of leaves and arrowheads. Activities also included creating dream catchers and beaded jewelry, reconstructing pots and simulating archaeological digs.

“It was so nice to see their energy and excitement during the camps,” Anna said of the kids.

A Mother Generose Cahill Scholarship recipient, she is preparing for a career as a Physician’s Assistant.

“I really want to do something in the medical field, and Silver Lake College has a degree in biology, so that’s what I’m planning on majoring in for my undergraduate degree,” Anna said. “My aunt is a Physician’s Assistant. Watching her work has inspired me.”

Coming from a large family, she is used to caring for others.

“I’m the oldest of seven, so taking care of children is second nature to me,” Anna said.

She graduated from high school in only three years, so she didn’t want to travel too far away to go to college.

“I’m still kind of young and wanted to make sure I wasn’t overwhelmed. I didn’t know if I would be comfortable in a big city quite yet,” Anna said.

“I chose Silver Lake College in Manitowoc because it is so close to my home and family,” she said. “It was such a good fit for me because of the welcoming community atmosphere. I like how small the classes are. You can ask the professors a question and they will answer you right away. It’s so easy to meet people.”

During the upcoming school year, Anna will continue working and tutoring in the library and plans to participate in Student United Way and Art Club.