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SLC's Craig Krueger accepted to Emory law school

Posted On December 22, 2014

UNDERGRAD_Craig-for-WEBSilver Lake College helped senior Craig Krueger build a foundation for admission to one of the top law schools in the country.

The recent graduate has been accepted to Emory University School of Law, ranked 19th among law schools by U.S. News & World Report.

“Getting into a school of that caliber is pretty rare. They have a 30 percent acceptance rate,” said Krueger, 21, who plans to start classes in fall at the Atlanta university.

He made the cut thanks to excellent college grades and a high score on his law school admission test.

“The other thing that really helped me get in was being involved in the Silver Lake College music program, because graduate schools are looking for applicants with diverse backgrounds,” said Krueger, who plays piano, bassoon, organ, cello and handbells.

Perhaps the biggest contributor to his success was his philosophy coursework, which honed his argumentation skills and helped him understand the nuances of language, he said.

“It sharpens the way you think, especially logical and critical thinking,” said Krueger, who now lives in Manitowoc and is serving an internship with a local law firm.

Krueger, a 2011 Hilbert High School graduate, took part in Silver Lake College commencement ceremonies on Dec. 13. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in theology and psychology with a minor in music.

“It is always a joy when students approach their college courses with such openness that they permit themselves and their lives to be changed by what they learn,” said Sister Marie Kolbe Zamora, an instructor in the Department of Theology and Ministry.

“Craig's life has been transformed by his time at Silver Lake and, in turn, he has made a beautiful contribution to the college in general and to the theology program in particular,” she said. “We are a family at Silver Lake, and the success of one is a success for us all. I am indeed proud of him and am thrilled at his acceptance to Emory. It will be wonderful to see how he continues to grow and prepare himself to make a contribution to a wider community.”

Silver Lake College was a good fit for Krueger.

“I knew I was going out of state for grad school so I wanted to stay closer to home during my undergrad years,” he said.

In addition to his studies, Krueger said he enjoyed participating in service opportunities through the Silver Lake College campus ministry program, particularly traveling to Appalachia and Joplin, Mo., to help repair homes for those in need.

The aspiring lawyer completed his coursework at Silver Lake College in 3 1/2 years thanks to high school AP credits and heavier-than-average college credit loads. He plans to pursue a Master of Divinity and a Juris Doctorate through Emory’s five-year joint degree program.

“Law and religion are universal fields and they have the same goal. They’re both seeking justice. They’re very complementary,” Krueger said.