SLC's Jessica Martinez interning with NYC photographer

Posted On July 19, 2015

By Suzanne Weiss / Assistant Director of Communications

Silver Lake College senior Jessica Martínez is interning with international award-winning fashion photographer Jill Wachter in New York City this summer.

Jessica feels fortunate to be working with someone who has photographed celebrities Jessica Simpson, Kevin Bacon, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and supermodel Niki Taylor, as well as editorial fashion, beauty and celebrity portraits for advertising, entertainment and magazines.

Persistence paid off for Jessica, who applied for about a dozen internships before landing this one, which began in late June and runs through Aug. 7.

Jessica has been learning about editing with the program Photoshop CS6.

“Jill really takes her time to explain every step of the editing process," Jessica said. "It is a great accomplishment when I finish editing a picture. My knowledge of using Photoshop before I started the internship with Jill was primitive, and now it has greatly increased thanks to her.”

Jessica and Jill have been working side by side in perfecting the finer points of the cloning tool, the brush tool, the healing tool and color adjustment.

“We’ve been working with film photographs because scanning them magnifies their flaws. It’s very tedious work,” Jessica said. “I’m used to working on a PC and Jill works on a Mac, so the functions are very different when you’re using Photoshop. It’s been quite a challenge, but we have overcome that.”

Jessica is mastering the fine art of editing beauty shots without overdoing it, developing a better eye for detail, and learning to work more quickly and efficiently by memorizing shortcuts.

She’s also getting advice about the business end of photography, including how to attract clients, manage time, estimate costs and organize photos and negatives.

An added bonus for the Bronx, N.Y., native is that she gets to stay with relatives in Harlem and visit relatives in the Bronx.

Jessica is majoring in studio art and plans to be an art teacher. She is a recipient of the Henry Schuette Memorial Endowed Scholarship, the Zebrowski Endowment Scholarship, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Scholarship, and a college-funded Community Service Grant.

On completion of her Silver Lake College degree, she plans to obtain her teaching licensure in New York and pursue a master of fine arts degree in photography.

Jessica looks forward to a photo shoot on location later this summer, a highlight of her internship.

“Every week, it keeps getting better,” she said.