Students seek opportunities at campus job fair

Posted On March 31, 2017

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BY Suzanne Weiss/Director of Public Relations

MANITOWOC, Wis. — Résumés in hand, Silver Lake College students recently flocked to the institution’s first on-campus job fair.

“The fair gave students an opportunity to apply for a job as they would in the real world of work,” said Matt Goff, new dean of SLC Works, Silver Lake College’s recently adopted Work College model.

The initiative gives students the opportunity to earn a degree while gaining professional skills through a variety of jobs.

For freshman Tasha Rabe of Kiel, the job fair gave her an opportunity to seek advancement.

She has enjoyed working at the college’s on-campus coffee shop, where she learned how to communicate with customers and co-workers.

“I also learned how to manage my time between classes, basketball and work,” the elementary education major said.

Rabe is now looking to move to a level 2 position in which she would be in charge of training coffee shop workers.

Freshman Victoria Bond of Manitowoc has been working as a library assistant, where she has learned how to catalog books, work as part of a team and make sure tasks get done.

The math major and chemistry minor attended the job fair so she could apply for positions in her areas of interest, one as an assistant to a math professor and another as an assistant to a science professor.

Her goal is to pursue a career in nuclear engineering, Bond said.

SLC Works was introduced in fall 2016; more than double the number of students are expected to participate in fall 2017.

Freshmen and sophomores focus on liberal arts skills, such as communication and critical thinking, in on-campus positions.

Once they become juniors and seniors, they will focus on moving up the ranks to supervisory positions on and off campus so they can apply management skills and put what they have learned into practice.

PHOTO: Students flock to Silver Lake College's first on-campus job fair as they seek work positions for the next academic year. Photo by Suzanne Weiss