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Zigmunt Library offers chance to reduce fines with Fibs for Fines

Posted On March 29, 2015

Would you like to reduce your fine at Zigmunt Library? Would you like to express your creativity?

Natalie Long, SLC’s Director of Library Services, is offering people a chance to accomplish both next month with the inaugural Fibs for Fines.

Students, staff or faculty can write a provocatively deceptive tale explaining why your library material is late or has gone missing. Stories should be about 100 words in length and can be emailed to Long at natalie.long@sl.edu. Library staff have heard it all, so make sure it’s good. Make them laugh and shake their heads in wonder.

Or, if you’d rather produce a short video, that’s also fine. Please email them to Long and she’ll post them on Zigmunt Library’s Facebook site.

Stories and videos will enable fine-holders to erase as much as $20 from their library account.

Don’t have any fines, you say? Submit a story or video anyway and receive a prize.

In addition, Long will decide which story or video is best and award that person a grand prize.

Fibs for Fines officially opens April 1 (April Fool’s Day) and continues throughout the month of April.

For additional details, please email Long or call her office at (920) 686-6134.