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Program guide: HFC's Psychology major with Family Services minor

Posted by Valerie Grissom on 10/5/17 12:30 PM

Silver Lake College is dedicated to providing its students with the skills to pursue a variety of career paths in various fields, and HFC’s renowned faculty all work to prepare students for success upon graduation.

Keeping with these standards, HFC’S Bachelor of Arts in Psychology provides the information and tools needed to explore the integration between a person’s body and mind. The program allows students to develop an appreciation for the discipline as both a science and as an art.

As a science, psychology seeks to discover general principles of human behavior. As an art, psychology applies these principles to the individual.

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What can I do with my bachelor of science degree? A look at HFC's Mathematics, Biology and IT programs

Posted by Jamie Grant on 6/16/17 12:00 PM

Graduates of Holy Family College are well prepared for the workplace through an integrated liberal arts curriculum that enhances their major and minor studies with foundational career skills like communication, group dynamics, critical thinking and problem solving. HFC’s focus on community ensures that students have the knowledge, tools and support to build a strong academic foundation and a pathway to success. Students in every degree program at Holy Family College have many opportunities for educational enhancement through co-curricular activities and student life activities.

Note: Are you interested in learning more about the Work College opportunity at Holy Family College — HFC Works? Visit our website and learn what HFC Works is all about!

Here’s a sampling of three of Holy Family College’s degrees along with what graduates can do with those degrees.

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4 Reasons to Consider a Degree in Actuarial Science

Posted by Steve Kuehl on 5/18/17 7:30 AM

Actuarial science — it sounds like a handful, but what is it exactly? Not to be confused with mathematics or accounting, a degree in actuarial science teaches you to assess risk by leveraging statistics and analytics. Actuaries need to have a solid grasp of mathematics, but also need to develop an understanding of the business world and the complexities of human behavior. Actuaries use these skills to help companies, private corporations, and even the government make crucial decisions about how to manage risk.

So what do actuaries actually do? Well, actuaries are instrumental in industries like insurance, where the entire business is built on an understanding of risk. Actuaries are tasked with helping businesses understand the likelihood of future events, how to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events — and how to minimize the impact if they do occur. Their work is instrumental in decision-making and long-term planning, making them indispensable members of management teams in every industry.

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Program map: Holy Family College’s Art Program

Posted by Erin LaBonte on 2/23/17 7:30 AM

A degree in the arts is not only an effective way to contribute to the perennial human need for beauty, but it also can pave the way for a successful career in a variety of emerging job fields.

Note: If you’re interested in learning more about Holy Family College’s art  department, along with the exhibits they host, be sure to visit our Holy Family  College Art Department Facebook page.

Below, you’ll find out about our different art programs at Holy Family College, as well as the different career options that come with an art degree.

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5 Careers for People with a Graphic Design Degree

Posted by Jamie Grant on 2/2/17 7:30 AM

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