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Why the U.S. needs talented educators amidst COVID-19

Posted by Mark Swanson on 4/20/20 2:48 PM

In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has changed how students are educated around the world. The sweeping changes occurring across all sectors of society have led educational institutions to search for innovative solutions in a relatively short period of time. Many teachers had little to no warning, training or time to prepare, and many were immediately locked out of their classrooms as schools shut down at a record pace. With millions of children now home with their parents, how to foster continued learning is at the top of every educator’s priorities.  

As our educational system shifts, school systems have been finding innovative ways to reach and teach their students, primarily through virtual learning platforms. With every day that the pandemic keeps kids out of classrooms, teachers are designing new and creative techniques to

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5 careers for graduates of HFC’s Teacher Leadership Program

Posted by Mark Swanson on 4/16/20 2:07 PM

Are you a teacher living your passion as an educator, but longing to do more — to make more of an impact?

Do you want to continue working directly with students, but also want to explore opportunities in leadership roles?

If you have asked yourself these questions at all during your career, you may want to consider

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10 FAQs about HFC's graduate Teacher Leadership Program

Posted by Mark Swanson on 4/6/20 8:30 AM

The graduate Teacher Leadership Program at Holy Family College is designed to help potential teacher leaders acquire the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed for effective leadership in the 21st century.

In an effort to provide more information regarding this respected graduate education degree, the professionals at HFC have outlined just a few of the most frequently

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4 careers for graduates of HFC’s Administrator Leadership Program

Posted by Mark Swanson on 3/26/20 3:46 PM

Are you a teacher considering pursuing a master’s degree in education?

Though the employment outlook for teachers is bright, a graduate education degree can be key to opening up a whole new array of career opportunities. If you’re an education professional who is seeking to contribute to the field of education outside the classroom, our

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Coming Soon to Wausau: We’re Expanding Our Graduate Programs to New Areas of Wisconsin

Posted by Amy Hanson on 5/30/19 11:33 AM

Have you considered getting a graduate degree from Holy Family College?

This could be your moment. Our excellent, student-centric and values-based graduate programs are now available in more locations across the state of Wisconsin.

Holy Family College’s Leadership and Organizational Development program and graduate education degree programs are expanding to include cohorts in Wausau, Wisconsin in addition to existing cohort groups in Chippewa Falls and Pulaski.

Keep reading to learn more about this exciting expansion and how this new cohort location could open up the door to your future graduate education and career.

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How to Get Your Master's in Education While Working Full-Time

Posted by Nancy Sim on 4/26/19 10:38 AM

It’s basically impossible to go back to school for a graduate degree when you have a full-time job and family responsibilities, right?

If this is what you’ve thought in the past, it’s time for us all to revisit this assumption. Some programs may make it hard to keep working while you’re taking classes, but that’s not the way it should be, particularly in a specialized, hands-on field like education.

Keep reading as we explore how the education master’s programs at Holy Family College are specifically designed for full-time educators and why getting your degree while working can enrich your time in both educational environments.

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Thinking about Getting a Master’s in Education? 3 Key Reasons Why Wisconsinites Should Choose a Small Graduate Environment

Posted by Nancy Sim on 1/24/19 8:58 AM

Many Wisconsinites are rightfully proud to work in and support the state’s school system.

Wisconsin has been recognized as one of the top-ranked state school systems in the country, for metrics related to both quality and safety, and Wisconsin’s high-quality educators and administrators are a huge part of the state’s success.

How can we ensure that education in Wisconsin continues to improve? By supporting professional development and graduate education for our dedicated teachers and administrators.

If you are an education professional looking to grow as an individual and to improve your ability to serve your students and your school, here’s a look at three key reasons why you should consider a small Wisconsin-focused graduate program for your master’s degree in education.

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