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Holy Family College Blog

Focusing on Holy Family College's Franciscan Vision

Posted by Sister Marie-Kolbe Zamora, S.T.D. on 5/4/17 7:41 AM

At Holy Family College, we strive to instill in our students a sense of compassion and respect for all people, modeled on the life experience of St. Francis of Assisi. Our Franciscan mission and vision are founded on St. Francis’ experience of faith, universal communion and the importance of empathy in every context. Our Franciscan commitment to the Gospel calls us to celebrate each student’s unique background.

If you’re considering attending HFC, it’s important that we share with you the Franciscan vision that guides all we do.

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Topics: Vision/Mission/Values

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better: The Perks of Attending a Small College in Wisconsin

Posted by Suzanne Weiss on 1/7/16 11:00 AM

Don’t let the small college label fool you; there are big merits to attending a small college! The truth is, bigger isn’t always better, and sometimes it takes a little research to realize the best fit for you. It’s easy to want to attend a larger university -- your friends are going there, your parents went there, or maybe you’ve wanted to go there your whole life! Jumping on the bandwagon is easy. Although it’s a little extra work, it’s best to ask yourself a few more questions and do a little more research in order to make the best decision for you and your academic career.

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Topics: Vision/Mission/Values

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Deciding where, when and by what means to go to college can be a difficult decision process. We want to help! The Holy Family College Blog is intended to be a resource as you navigate these choices, from what type of school to choose to how to finance your education. Watch this space for helpful tips. 

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