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Valuable Resources for Music Educators

Posted By Rachel Ware Carlton On February 27, 2020


Taught by some of the best music educators in the country, Holy Family College's various graduate Music Education programs are designed to support practicing music educators in enhancing their musical and pedagogical skills to become leaders in the classroom and in the field of music education. 

Allow us to showcase some informative resources for music educators in addition to a few of the extraordinary thought leaders who teach Holy Family College's degree and non-degree graduate programs in Music Education.

RSVP and tune in for one of Holy Family College's Spring Graduate Music  Interview Webinars!

HFC Graduate Music Interview Series:

Holy Family College's spring Graduate Music Interview Series offers you the chance to learn from the faculty in our Graduate Music program! During the webinar, you will have the chance to interact with our faculty in real time.

If you are a music educator and are interested in exploring how you can advance your skills and knowledge, RSVP for our upcoming webinar and take the first step in transforming your career. 

FAME Podcasts:

A leading figure in early music education, Dr. John Feierabend was the first graduate of the Master of Music in Music Education – Kodály Emphasis program at Holy Family College and has taught at the College for more than 40 years.

Founded in 2012, the Feierabend Association for Music Education (FAME) explores "the unique teachings of Dr. John Feierabend with a wider audience of music educators." Below are three recorded interviews with Sister Lorna Zemke, DMA of Holy Family College.

A Conversation with Sister Lorna Zemke, DMA: Part 1

"Get to know Sister Lorna as she is affectionately known by the many people whose lives she has impacted. Hear about her life as a young girl in Oshkosh, Wisconsin all the way through the crucial 6 months she spent collecting data and observing music classrooms in Budapest, Hungary during her doctoral work."

A Conversation with Sister Lorna Zemke, DMA: Part 2

"In Part 1, we left Sister Lorna on the tarmac in the Ukraine as she was desperately trying to get to Hungary after being in Russia, listen to hear what happened next. You’ll also hear Sr. Zemke discuss first meeting Dr. Feierabend when he was her graduate student at Holy Family College, and share a bit about her Lovenotes prenatal music program."

A Conversation with Sister Lorna Zemke, DMA: Part 3

"In the final installment of the series of conversations with Sister Lorna from Fall 2019, the discussion begins with the difficult but important topic of what to do about music with racist origins or backgrounds and then moves on to ask what constitutes American folk music, as well as how to be more inclusive of students in modern music classroom."

Downloadable eBooks:

In an effort to showcase Holy Family College's renowned graduate programs in Music Education, we have developed a variety of informative, FREE guides that are available to download and explore:

The Kodály Approach to Music Education

The Kodály approach is a proven method of teaching music that reflects Zoltán Kodály’s conviction that each person is innately musical and that music is “a spiritual food for which there was no other substitute.” Here we have collected everything you need to know about the Kodály approach and how it has made an impact on the world of music education.

The Guide to Holy Family College's  Orff Schulwerk Certification Program

Holy Family College is known around the world as a center for Graduate Music Education and its Kodály Summer Graduate Music Program. Building upon this success, Holy Family College has launched an Orff Schulwerk Certification Program.

A Guide to Holy Family College's Summer Graduate Music Program

Here at Holy Family College, the Kodály Graduate Summer Music Program offers music educators the opportunity to earn a Master of Music in Music Education with a Kodály Emphasis in a four summer session program. We’ve created a guide to help walk you through the unique features of our renowned program and to explain how this program can advance your learning and your career as a music educator.

The Legacy of Sister Lorna Zemke, DMA

One of the earliest pioneers of the Kodály Method on the American scene is Holy Family College’s very own Sister Lorna. Sister Lorna established the first master’s program at the College and the first master’s program in the world that embraced the Kodály Method. Because of Sister Lorna, Holy Family College has become an internationally recognized destination for music professionals and music educators.

Join a community of music educators at HFC:

Holy Family College offers an M.M. program and teaches The Kodály Concept of Music Education. HFC was the first higher education institution to offer a master’s degree focusing on the Kodály method and thanks to its superior faculty and professors, has earned a reputation in excellence.

If you are interested in joining a community of driven, passionate experts at HFC, I encourage you to request more information or start your online application today!


Are you interested in learning more about HFC's approach to Music Education? RSVP to tune in for one of our Spring Graduate Music Interviews!

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